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Black Mambas #8 – 3 out of the Big 5!

It’s been an epic few days living the life of a Black Mamba.

This night patrol was beyond exciting! I wasn’t sure what to expect and what I would see. It didn’t disappoint. There were two black mambas, Leytah and Belinda, Charlie and myself. Our vehicle, known as “Dave” had two seats in the cab and two elevated seats on the back. Leytah and I sat on the back, in the open air.

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Black Mambas #5 – Night Patrol!

I am super excited to be accompanying the Black Mambas on their night patrol this evening. I have no expectations as yet as who knows what’s in store! I’m guessing a lot of time they don’t know either given the unexpected and quickly changeable nature of their work.

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Black Mambas #4

It was a huge privilege to be invited to the local hospital where one of the mambas gave birth to a baby boy. The strong ties formed amongst these women is clear to see. They literally trust each other with their lives and the respect, strength and loyalty I witnessed is humbling.

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Black Mambas #3

Today I decided to take a day to catch up on emails etc. as my feet haven’t touched the ground since speaking at two conservation and travel conferences in Cape Town over the last two weeks.

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Black Mambas #2

Today started early at 5.45am. I felt excited about what the day had in store – Black Mamba picket inspections.

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Black Mambas #1

As I sit on the aeroplane gazing out of the window at the brown arid land between Cape Town and Hoedspruit, I feel excited. I am on my way to Balule Nature Reserve to

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