96 Elephants A Day Necklace

The ’96 Elephants A Day’ Necklace, made in vegetable ivory, highlights the current daily poaching rate in Africa.


A narrative has been weaved into the jewellery design. One brass elephant featured in the necklace represents the ‘one day’ aspect of the infographic. This metal has been used as the bullet shells commonly used by the poachers in Africa are made from brass. One elephant is facing the other way to indicate that there is still hope this crisis can be turned around.

So what is vegetable ivory?

Almost identical aesthetically to elephant ivory, vegetable ivory is a nut produced by an amazonian palm tree, known as ‘phytelephas’, which ironically translates to ‘plant elephant’ in greek. The nuts are collected from the ground, representing sustainable harvest, dried under the sun for three months during which time they become extremely hard. They can then be cut, dyed, carved and polished, stimulating local economies in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. The locals have recognised the ‘value’ in this resource which, in turn, has helped reduce rainforest deforestation on a local scale.

I am delighted to win the prestigious Arts & Crafts Design Award for this piece of work, among 265 entries from 37 nations.

“The jury awarded the A&CDA Special Prize to Holly Budge to support her commitment and fight for the elephants. Our ambitions with this Special Award is to appreciate and promote her great effort and feature her campaign on one more stage. We hope we can support her mission with this award and wish her lots of success.”

A&CDA Special Prize 2014




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